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Programme Overview

Photo of trainees

What is School Direct?

School Direct is an innovative school-based teacher training route. Trainees work alongside outstanding practitioners and staff who are experienced in the delivery of high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in a range of contexts. School Direct trainees spend a greater proportion of their time training in the classroom and in school.

The Bitterne Park Teaching School Alliance has an approach to training that combines some elements from a traditional university-led PGCE training model with the benefits of a school-centred approach. All aspects of the course are delivered in an interactive way and can be directly applied to the classroom. A fundamental component of our programme is to ensure that trainees have an in depth understanding of the mechanics of teaching and learning.

Why The Bitterne Park Teaching School Alliance should be your provider of choice

The Bitterne Park Teaching School Alliance has an excellent track record of developing teachers at all stages of their career. We are a growing partnership of primary and secondary schools, from inner city locations to rural contexts, that have come together to share our skills, experience and talent to broaden your experience of primary or secondary education and to provide you with different school experiences.