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Year 9



Dear Parents/carers

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the class of 2020 back to the fantastic new school building. The Year 9 pastoral team will consist of Mr Cove (Deputy Head Teacher and Senior Management link) Miss Howson (Head of Year) Mr Sanders (Pastoral Manager) and Mrs Wellnhammer (Academic Manager). These staff will be the main points of contact to Year 9 through this academic year.

I would like to take the time to introduce myself as the new head of year 9. This is an exciting time for the students as they to embark on the path that will lead them to the end of Key Stage 3. In this extremely important year, we must ensure that the students are prepared and equipped to meet the demands and challenges of Key Stage 4. I am thrilled to be leading them through this very important time in their education and look forward to building a strong relationship with both the students and their parents/guardians. It is very important that students remain focused in all subjects to prepare them fully for the choices that they will face when deciding on their GCSE options.

In order for pupils to really fulfil their potential it is essential that attendance remains above 97%. It is essential that your child is in school and attending lessons every day. Any student whose attendance drops below 90% will have intervention from either the school or other external agencies. Therefore, it is vital that should your child be off school, this is communicated immediately. Whilst it is imperative students are rested and feel fully recuperated if ill, we encourage students to come into school at their earliest opportunity after an absence. Students will not be authorised any time off unless it is for medical reasons or exceptional circumstances.  Every day at school is significant in a student’s development. The pupils told me themselves in a recent assembly they could also miss exciting opportunities that have been made available to them or important information which could affect their future progress.

It has been made very clear to the pupils that they should be organised and that it is their responsibility to ensure that they come to school with their homework completed and with the correct equipment to prepare them for the school day.  To enable this to happen it is vital that the student planner is used appropriately and is therefore crucial that we work to together as tutors and parents to monitor this effectively.

The students have started the new term with excellent uniform and look extremely smart. It is important that the students are proud of their new uniform and that they understand the responsibility that comes with wearing the Bitterne Park School logo. These standards must remain high and will help students demonstrate the pride they feel for the school. It is with this in mind that I request your support in this area. Year 9 are role models to Year 7 and 8 and therefore should always dress within the school’s dress code.

I will be actively encouraging pupils to challenge themselves and to have a growth mind-set towards learning. I believe the pupils in our year group should not limit themselves to what they believe they can achieve. Extra-curricular clubs can massively influence a young person’s experience of school and I would urge pupils to have a go at a variety of clubs. Not only will this provide pupils with a more holistic experience of school life but may also open up further educational and career choices. The school values should be embedded into everyday life at school as we strive to ensure that the pupils of Bitterne Park not only achieve but become well rounded individuals with a good core set of morals.

I look forward to a wonderfully successful year, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at or via schools direct line extension number 229.

Miss A Howson

Head of Year 9