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Year 8



Welcome to the Year 8 webpage.  Year 8 is an exciting time in a student’s journey through Bitterne Park School. I am privileged to lead the class of 2021 in to the new school build, BPS 2, and looking forward to the opportunities it will bring .This is an important year, where pupils will become familiar with their new learning environment and also set important learning foundations for their GCSEs, BTECs and A-Levels.

Bitterne Park School has always been embedded with strong values which aid the development of all pupils from an academic and pastoral perspective. This year, we are further promoting our key values in order to embed them into our new school building. The great thing about these values is that all of them were chosen by Year 8 pupils. Our core values  are Respect, Achievement, Community, Enjoyment and Relationships. We feel, along with the pupils, that these values run through all aspects of school life and when combined can lead to great success.

Your son or daughter will receive significant support and guidance from a number of key staff throughout year 8.  Key staff within the year 8 Pastoral Team consists of Mr Adams (Assistant Headteacher and Year 8 SMT link), Mr Joiner (Head of Year 8), Mrs Wilson (Pastoral Manager), Miss Broom (Academic Manager) and our 12 tutors. These staff will be the main points of contact to Year 8 through this academic Year.

Our greatest priority is to ensure your son or daughter reaches their academic potential.  The year team will be continually monitoring the progress of the year group, and each I&G Day, I will inform all parents of effort scores, attainment and progress. Pupils are actively encouraged to challenge themselves to improve, take part in school activities and to build on previous achievements and successes. I would like to thank you in advance for your continued help and support in ensuring that this continues.

We would like to give you early notification of the IAG Days and Year 8 Parents’ Evening. IAG 1 is on the 27th November, IAG 2 is on the 16th March and IAG 3 is on the 16th July.  This year, Parents’ Evening for Year 8 will be on 26th April. These are all key events through the academic year which enable every child to reflect on current progress and to receive key information and guidance on how to further achieve.

There can be a number of factors that can affect a pupil’s attainment and progress at school and attendance is certainly one of them. The year group together have been set an aspirational attendance target of above 97%, which we will strive to achieve by the end of this academic year. Attendance is tracked weekly and fed back to all pupils. Pupils under 90% are classified by government as persistently absent and at this stage, if intervention doesn’t work, the Educational Welfare Officer would work with parents or guardians, and the school.

In Year 8 we will promote the importance of being organised and prepared for every lesson. This involves all students having the appropriate equipment, completing all homework, being in the right frame of mind to concentrate throughout every lesson and being willing to attend after school clubs. Last year, we excelled in these areas and we will continue to set high standards and expectations for ourselves.

It is important that students wear the correct uniform at all times while at school. This allows pupils to look their best and demonstrate pride in themselves and the school and as such request your continued support in this area.

At this point I would like to remind you that mobile phones and I-Pods are not allowed in school. If they are brought to school, the school accepts no responsibility for their security or replacement. Pupils caught using either of the above items will have them confiscated, if this becomes a persistent problem parents will have to come to the school to collect them from the front office. Should you ever need to contact your child then please call the school directly.

The Year 8 Pastoral Team are excited to be supporting this superb year group in their journey at Bitterne Park School. This cohort is a very talented group of individuals and I look forward to seeing them flourish inside and outside the classroom.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on direct dial number 02380 294128 or

Mr Joiner

Head of Year 8