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Year 7

A MESSAGE FROM The Head of Year

Welcome to Year 7

I am delighted to welcome the class of 2022 to Bitterne Park School. As we embark on this journey together, I wish every Year 7 pupil an enjoyable, successful and memorable first year at the school.

The Year 7 team consists of 12 tutors, Miss Barrett (Head of Year), Mr Hellyer (Pastoral Manager), Mrs King (Academic Manager) and Mr Sykes (SMT Link). As a team, we are here to support Year 7 with all aspects of their schooling. The transition from Primary to Secondary school is often a daunting one and the pastoral team are here to ensure that every pupil feels happy and secure in our school. We will ensure that pupils are supported and challenged in every aspect of their academic school life. As a team we acknowledge that the road to success is not always a linear one, and we are here to provide guidance and support as required, to ensure that everyone achieves. In year 7, we like to teach the importance of being organised and prepared for learning. This includes coming to school with correct equipment, planner and PE kit. Homework is an essential aspect of achievement in all subjects and we appreciate parental support with this at home to ensure work is completed on time. Life outside the curriculum is as equally important in the development of social skills, friendships and personal interests. I encourage pupils to take advantage of the extra-curricular activities, trip and events that take place throughout the year.

As Head of Year, my role is over-see behaviour, effort and progress in all subject areas. Our termly Information and Guidance (IAG) days are crucial in informing you of your child’s progress and effort scores in their subject areas. My monitoring of the year group will result in rewards for those students who consistently meet and exceed effort expectations, as well as triggering support systems for those who need help in improving their behaviour. Alongside Mrs King, we will use progress data to ensure that all pupils are being supported and challenged in their learning, in order to make expected progress in all subjects. Subject staff are always happy to support both parents and pupils in discussing progress, so please do contact individual members of staff if subject specific advice is required. Parental attendance at IAG days, Meet the Tutor evening and Parents evening is actively encouraged to ensure that you are kept well informed of your child’s experience and progress in school.

Mr Hellyer’s role within the year team is to monitor and support pupils with their attendance. As a school, we have an aspirational attendance target of 97% for the year group and encourage pupils to attend regularly. Should your child’s attendance begin to fall, interventions will be put in place to support your child in attending. Good attendance does have a direct impact on progress and attainment, and whilst we recognise that children do get unwell, we expect high attendance throughout the year. Should your child have any medical conditions or exceptional circumstances that affect this, please do get in touch. We appreciate your support in promoting good school attendance.

The Year 7 Pastoral Team is delighted to be supporting all pupils in building the foundations for success during both this first year at Bitterne Park, as well as future years. This cohort is a very enthusiastic and talented group of pupils and I look forward to seeing them flourish, both academically and pastorally.

Should you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling: 02380 294127 or emailing:

Miss Barrett

Head of Year 7