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Sixth Form


Bitterne Park Sixth Form aims to make students successful and well prepared for the next steps on their journey. Your child will be part of the Sixth Form community and will receive high quality teaching, careers advice and lots of support from their tutor and Sixth Form team. All students will need to work hard and keep a firm eye on their long term goals.

The Sixth Form is built around a personal experience.  Your child will be treated as an individual, treated like an adult and I will be given all the necessary support and guidance that they need.  Along their Sixth Form journey they will be offered countless opportunities and every chance to develop a wide portfolio of skills and experience which will be of great advantage and benefit when moving on in one or two years time.

This year’s Sixth Form A Level results were Outstanding with a 100% pass rate at A-Level, 40% of students achieving A*-B and a 100% pass rate at BTEC Level 3 courses.

Your child has now selected their subjects to study for this year. At the end of September all students will sit an assessment in their subjects which will enable their teacher to decide whether they are capable of continuing with the subject for the remainder of the year. It is crucial that we get your child on the right pathway for them to succeed.

Your child in May and June will either be taking their AS or A2 exams or completing BTEC courses. It is therefore vitally important that all students start their studies, concentrating fully and become increasingly focused on their learning and progress. A positive and enthusiastic start from the very beginning of this academic year is absolutely essential

When parents and the school work closely together we can promote a positive ethos and demonstrate that through hard work and commitment they can realise their full potential and’ continue to thrive. The hard work must begin now, and can we ask you as parents for your support in ensuring that students arrive to school with a positive attitude and ready to learn. Throughout the year there will be a number of Parents Evenings that you are encouraged to attend.  It is vital that any issues and concerns you are aware of at home are brought to our attention as soon as possible.

I have made it very clear to all students through the enrolment days that it is their responsibility to be organised and prepared for every lesson. This involves having the appropriate equipment, completing all coursework, being in the right frame of mind to concentrate throughout every lesson and willing to use their study periods affectively and attend after school catch up sessions.  The Sixth Form building is open until 4.00 pm for quiet working time if this is helpful.

It is imperative that your child is at school every day in order for them to achieve the results they deserve. Outstanding attendance is absolutely essential if students are to reach their full potential from all courses. Holiday requests will not be authorized during term time as it will have a big impact on their learning. If your child is unwell for school please could you phone the Sixth Form on 02380 294155.

Your child has been given a Sixth From Handbook which highlights all procedures and standards that need to be followed in order for your child to remain and succeed in the School Sixth Form.

I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to lead this fantastic Sixth Form. They are a talented group of young people who have the potential to do fantastically well this academic year and achieve excellent post 16 qualifications. I am very optimistic about the year ahead and look forward to celebrating and reporting on the success of the Sixth Form in August.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on direct dial number 02380 294151 or via


I look forward to working with you.

Mr P Overton

Head of Sixth Form