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Year 11

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Dear Parents/Guardians

We would like to offer you a warm welcome back to Bitterne Park School for your child’s final year of GCSEs. At the end of Year 10 the students sat exams which have helped to give themselves, the school and you, the parents, some timely information on their progress to start Year 11. Your child’s exam report is included for your attention. Please be aware of the following;

a) The report will include a mixture of letter grades (A-G) and number grades (9 – 1) dependent on the subject. This is based on the timing of each subject to move to the new grades set out by the Government going forward.

b) Students have taken a mock paper for English Language GCSE Paper 2. This represents 50% of their English Language GCSE and is a fair indication of how they would perform overall. The grade boundaries for this exam were only published in August 2017 after the first cohort took the exams in June 2017. In their English lesson your son/daughter will be given feedback and a grade that is based on the boundaries published in the summer from AQA. This grade could be different to the exam mark on this report as a result of moving from speculative grades to actual grades.

c) Pupils did not do an exam in Modern Languages and some BTech subjects where formal exams have taken place.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant teacher who will be happy to help. Year 11 is an important year, which in our experience goes very quickly. GCSE exams will be here before the students realise and so it is vital that they receive encouragement, support and understanding both at school and at home. To that end we have a programme of events for your attention over the forthcoming term. Please be aware that the next set of exams will be at the end of November and we are looking to see considerable progress before the end of this term. To achieve this, excellent attendance by your child will be vital to access classes and support.

Key Dates:

19th September Year 11 Information Evening

9th November Year 11 Parents Evening

20th November – 1st December Year 11 Mock Exams

4th December – 8th December Visual Arts Mocks

27th November IAG 1 Day

The first of these events is the Year 11 Information Evening. This will take place in the Main Hall from 6:30pm on 19th September and will last about an hour. We have lots that we would like to tell you about, including:

  • The GCSE curriculum changes
  • Assessment and progress
  • College Applications
  • Care, guidance and support
  • Supporting your child through GCSEs

We know that our parents are very supportive. There is a very clear connection between parental support and the amount of progress students make and we would strongly urge you to attend this event. We hope that the Information Evening will be very popular, so we ask that you do not bring your children with you on this occasion.

Another date for your diary will be the Year 11 Parents’ evening on Thursday 9th November, to which we do encourage you to bring your child so that they can be a part of the conversation with the teacher to ensure that your child receives the best possible guidance to meet their GCSE targets.

If you have any concerns about this year or questions concerning your child, please feel free to ask them on Information Evening. If it is urgent, then please get in touch with your child’s tutor or Head of Year, Mr Robertson.

This is an exciting and critical time for your child and we look forward to guiding them through this part of their journey.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne McLaren

Michael Robertson