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Year 11



I am just writing to welcome you back for the final year of your child’s school career.  Last year was a fantastic year for the cohort and we must work together to ensure that standards remain equally as high if not improve. I feel extremely privileged to lead this fantastic year group, they are a truly talented group of young people who have the potential to do fantastically well this academic year and achieve excellent GCSE qualifications.  I am very optimistic about the year ahead and look forward to celebrating and reporting on the success of the year group in August 2017.

As I am sure you are aware, Year 11 is the final year of all GCSE courses for your child.  With GCSE exams being sat between May and June 2017 it is vitally important that all students come back to school after the break ready to concentrate fully on their studies and become increasingly focused on their learning and progress.  A positive and enthusiastic start from the very beginning of this academic year is absolutely essential.

It is, as ever, through the school and parents working closely together to promote a positive ethos that enables pupils to realise their full potential and continue to thrive. Parents are asked for their support in ensuring that students arrive at school with a positive attitude and ready to learn.

The first part of this is a Year 11 Parents’ Information Evening that will be held on Tuesday 20th September in the school hall starting at 6.30pm. Attendance at this event is extremely important in order to fully understand the year ahead and how it will differ from previous years. The significant changes made by the government will have a large impact on this year group and therefore we will discuss how the school is addressing this. Information about core subjects, Maths, English and Science, will also be disseminated in this presentation.

I will make it very clear to all pupils through assemblies that it is their responsibility to be organised and prepared for every lesson.  This involves having the appropriate equipment, completing all coursework, being in the right frame of mind to concentrate throughout every lesson and be willing to attend after school revision and catch up sessions.

Already students have achieved some excellent GCSE results this September, having been entered for GCSE Statistics at the end of Year 10. Students worked incredibly hard for this exam and I hope that it has been a valuable insight to the exam process in May/June 2017.

Mrs Mouland (formally Miss Till) will once again be the Pastoral Manager (previously known as Assistant Progress Leader) for the year group and our SMT link for the year group will continue to be Mr Sykes, Deputy Headteacher. Both are extremely excited and proud to work with the year group again this year. Mrs Mouland will once again be in charge of monitoring attendance and punctuality.  It is imperative that your child is at school every day in order for them to achieve the GCSE results they deserve.  Outstanding attendance is absolutely essential if students are to reach their full potential from all GCSE courses. National research shows that students who have an attendance of over 95% perform better in school and have a higher level of student satisfaction compared with students that have a lower attendance. As well as missing out on learning, not attending school means they can also miss out on other activities. There will be a series of reward afternoons and trips throughout this year in recognition of outstanding effort and outstanding attendance. Please note that once again holiday requests will not be authorised during term time in this important year.  Taking your child out of school in term time this year will have a big impact on their learning.

Uniform in Year 10 was very good but standards did begin to slip at the end of the year.  Younger students will be looking up to your child to set an example in all aspects of life at Bitterne Park School.  Year 11 will therefore be expected to have the best uniform in the school and consequently tutors will be vigilant as always when it comes to uniform issues.  I believe it is important that students look their best in school and that they adhere to the school uniform policy.  As students get older there is sometimes a perception that standards of uniform, makeup etc becomes less important.  This will not be the case in Year 11 or any part of the school. If your child comes to school in incorrect uniform they may not be able to attend lessons and will be asked to stay at home until correct uniform is worn.

At this point I would like to remind you that mobile phones are not allowed to be used in school. If they are brought to school, the school accepts no responsibility for their security or replacement.  Pupils caught using a phone will have them confiscated and parents may have to come to the school to collect them from the year office.  Should you ever need to contact your child then please call the school directly.

I will be monitoring the academic progress and effort levels of the year group and will actively encourage pupils to reflect upon their own performance throughout the year.  Information and Guidance days are an excellent opportunity for your child to meet their tutor to discuss progress and other issues that may arise. Please feel free to contact your child’s tutor throughout the year to discuss progress, effort or any other concerns you may have regarding their performance at school.

At Bitterne Park School we actively encourage pupils to challenge themselves to improve, take part in school activities and to build on previous achievements and successes.  I would like to thank you in advance for your continued help and support in ensuring that this continues. Your support in checking your child’s planner, ensuring correct uniform is worn and that your child attends school punctually is crucial.

As well as working towards achieving GCSE results your child will also need to think about their next steps in education after Year 11.  Throughout the year there will be a number of career opportunities, taster days to the Bitterne Park Sixth Form and also the Bitterne Park Sixth Form Open Evening.

We also have the School Prom to organise this year to ensure students get the best send off possible from their GCSE year at Bitterne Park School. Pupils are already getting excited about this fantastic event.  As parents I know you are desperate to find out the date for the Prom.  As soon as the date is confirmed I will be letting all students and parents know.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on direct dial number 02380 294151 or

Mr Overton

Head of Year 11