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Year 10 Tutor Groups

Year 10

Role Staff Tutor Room Teacher
Head of Year: Mr Powell 10B1 3-30 Mr Boyd
Pastoral Manager: Miss Baldwin 10B2 3-02 Mr Griffiths
SMT Link: Miss Noble 10B3 3-28 Mr Hawkins
10B4 2-07 Mrs Fields
Attached staff: Mrs Holborow 10B5 0-04 Miss Harrison
Mrs Kelly (P7) 10B6 1-06 Mr Martin
Mr West (D of E) 10P7 1-22 Miss Gallant/Miss R Underwood
10P8 3-27 Ms Hodges
Eng Intervention Ms Earle 10P9 2-23 Miss Bate
Maths Intervention Miss Gates 10P10 2-22 Mr Obagi
  10P11 3-14 Miss Solanki