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Year 10

A message from The HEAD OF YEAR

WELCOME TO YEAR 10 (Class of 2018)

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that as we enter this new and exciting academic year, the year group team has changed. Mrs McLaren (Assistant Headteacher) will be the Senior Management Team link and Mr Jeffery will be the Pastoral Manager.

Many parents attended the Year 10 Parents’ Information Evening to gain an understanding of the changes to education that will have a direct impact on Year 10. You will find all information from English, Maths and Science presented during on the evening on the website.

In recognition of the new GCSE work that the students will be studying this year, a strong positive ethos is needed which encompasses the need for hard work and commitment to learning so that children can achieve their potential. In order for students to be best prepared to do this, it is imperative they know their Year 11 target grades and the steps needed to attain these. Year 11 target grades should be on a sticker in the planner so that all students do not lose sight of their final goal.  The planner is an essential tool as means of communication between parents and the school. In addition, students will be expected to write all of their homework in their planner and use it to organise themselves. As part of the tutor programme, on a Monday, students are given time to prepare themselves and plan time effectively. As part of this process, I appreciate parents signing the planner on a weekly basis to show that the students are using it effectively.

A big part of school is preparing students for future employment, which is why it is important that they look their best in school and adhere to the school uniform policy. As students start their GCSEs, it is important that the teacher’s primary focus is on teaching and not dealing with issues regarding incorrect uniform or lack of equipment which significantly impacts upon learning time.  To be successful, students must be in school and prepared to push themselves with full commitment to their studies.  As Head of Year, I will be closely monitoring all students’ progress and attainment throughout the year.

We will actively encourage pupils to reflect upon their own performance throughout the year.  Information and Guidance Days are an excellent opportunity for your child to meet their tutor to discuss progress and other issues that may arise.  Please feel free to contact your child’s tutor or specific subject teacher throughout the year to discuss progress, effort or any other concerns you may have regarding performance at school.

At Bitterne Park School, we wish to inspire students to challenge themselves to improve and access as many opportunities they can while at school, which will build on previous experiences and success as well as being beneficial to their wellbeing and confidence.  It is vital that your child does aim to access extra-curricular activities as future employers wish to see this on CVs and application forms. I am very much looking forward to the Big Interview (Friday 17th March) which will involve all students participating in a mock interview with business men/women from Southampton. Students will be expected to complete an application form and a cover letter. Please note, the deadline for students submitting this to their tutors is Monday 27th February. Thank you in advance for your support in encouraging your child to prepare for this exciting and invaluable opportunity.

I would like to thank you for your continued help and support motivating your child to get fully involved with school life. There will also be the opportunity for all Year 10 students to apply to be a prefect later in the year. This process will lead on to the Senior Prefect and Head Girl/Boy selection process, so I hope a large number of students will want to get involved. The prefect launch will be on Wednesday 15th February.

With regards to your child’s attendance, it is crucial that they attend lessons as much as possible. Every lesson missed is disrupting their progress towards their target grades. Whilst it is imperative students are rested and feel fully recuperated if ill, we encourage students to come into school at their earliest opportunity after absence. The Government has changed the annual percentage attendance that refers to persistently absent (PA) students to 90% (previously at 85%). Therefore I ask that all medical appointments, wherever possible, are made outside school time.

At this point I would like to remind you that mobile phones are not allowed in school.  If they are brought to school, the school accepts no responsibility for their security or replacement.  Students caught using their phone can expect to have them confiscated and parents may have to come to the school to collect them from the year office for repeat offences. Furthermore, please do stress with your child the importance of being safe online and using social media responsibly at all times. Should you ever need to contact your child then please call the school office directly (02380 325200).

I feel very privileged to lead the Class of 2018 as they continue on their educational journey. They are a very talented and enthusiastic group of young people who have the potential to do fantastically well this academic year and achieve excellent GCSE qualifications.  I am very optimistic about the year ahead and look forward to celebrating and reporting on the success of the year group.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on my direct dial number 023 8029 4130 or emailing me at

Mr M Robertson

Head of Year 10