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Values and Ethos

Student talking in the school grounds

VALUES AND ETHOS of Bitterne Park School

An essential characteristic of Bitterne Park School is its high level of commitment to partnership in education.  Students, teachers, non-teaching staff, governors and parents all have a unique and valuable contribution to make towards achieving the school aims.

The school’s primary aim is to raise standards in a pleasant environment with a readily identifiable sense of stability and security.  The student experience should be satisfying, worthwhile and essentially enjoyable, despite the challenge.  The aim is supported by the more specific aims detailed below.

  • to create an educational environment which will encourage all students to develop their abilities, interests and talents to the full;
  • to develop attitudes that will enhance a student’s ability to work independently in order to encourage self-discipline, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility;
  • to prepare students to enter an adult world equipped to make a full contribution as responsible citizens and family members;
  • to enable each individual to examine his/her position in relation to others and the views of others and to develop an understanding of the concept of co-operation, teamwork and group membership;
  • to provide opportunities for individuals to develop a reasoned set of attitudes, good behaviour, values and beliefs and to develop an awareness of, and respect for, cultural and religious diversity, equality, diversity and tolerance.
  • to provide a diverse range of individualised teaching and learning opportunities which encourage creativity, imagination and independence of mind in all aspects of the curriculum;
  • to assist students in acquiring and developing skills which will enable them to cope with a changing society, with the skills to cope with problems and new experiences. A sense of community responsibility and accountability is to be encouraged.