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Applied Learning

SSAT Applied learning Learners views project

In line with our Applied Learning second specialism Bitterne Park are very proud to have been invited by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) to work on a national project tracking the views of Year 10 students who follow an Applied Learning curriculum. The aim of the project is to assess the success of the students on an applied pathway. The project will ultimately track the students and the grade they achieve when they complete the course. However, the main aim of the project is to monitor the student’s learning experiences as well as their applied journey.

The students will be asked how they feel their courses have helped them grow as individuals as well as help them increase their skill set, transferable skills that can be used in their other subjects as well as their personal life outside of school. The project will also track how the students feel the applied courses have helped enhance their potential as future employees. As part of the project Year 10 students have already completed a questionnaire assessing their attitudes towards learning.

The results of the national survey were analysed by the SSAT and reported to the DCSF. The project will also document the learning journey of some students in the form of a video diary. The first instalment focuses on a Year 10 student who as part of her KS4 options is studying a VCTC qualification in Hairdressing and BTEC Business.