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Our School

Senior Management Team


  • Mrs Susan Trigger Executive Headteacher of the Riverside Federation
  • Mr Graham Wilson Headteacher

Senior Management Team

  • Mr David Nicholson Seconded as Headteacher at Townhill Junior School
  • Mr Chris Sykes Deputy Headteacher; Yr 7 SMT Link
  • Mr Chris Whitbread Deputy Headteacher; Yr 12/13 SMT Link
  • Mr Chris Cove Acting Deputy Headteacher; Yr 9 SMT Link
  • Mr Tom Adams Assistant Headteacher; Yr 8 SMT Link
  • Mr Richard Cosford Director of Inclusive Learning; Assistant Headteacher; SLE
  • Mrs Jayne McLaren Assistant Headteacher; Yr 11 SMT Link
  • Miss Tanya Noble Assistant Headteacher; Yr 10 SMT Link
  • Mrs Victoria Shah Assistant Headteacher; SLE
  • Mr Paul Overton Acting Assistant Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form

Extended Leader

  • Mr Shaun Cox Extended Leader; Timetabling/SIMS/Data Manager
  • Mr Graham James Seconded as Headteacher at Mount Pleasant Junior School
  • Mr Paul Overton Extended Leader – Student Premium; Head of Sixth Form; Music; SLE

Teaching Schools Co-ordinator

  • Mr Damian Dean Teaching Schools Co-ordinator; PE; SLE
  • Mr Andrew Foster Teaching Schools Co-ordinator; History; SLE