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Our Governors

All Governors DBS as a statutory requirement. About the Governors

What do the Governors do?

The Governors have a legal obligation to ensure the school is run within current legislation – this includes:

  • A balanced curriculum
  • The financial stability of the school
  • Recruitment of the Senior Management Team
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Agree target setting for the school
  • Monitoring standards, performance, staff sickness, staff leavers and departmental progress
  • Special Educational Needs provision
  • We act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the Senior Management Team
  • Attend up to 39 meetings a year

We value:

  • The hard work and commitment of all the staff in the school
  • The ethos of the school
  • The students in the school
  • The trust and openess that we have with the Senior Management Team
  • The shared vision that everyone involved in the school has in moving towards 70% A* to C including Maths & English, and then onwards to 80% A* to C including Maths & English
  • The information and data that we get from the school to compare Bitterne Park both Nationally and locally with other schools
  • The performances, trips and activities both in school and within the local community
  • Presentations from course leaders and heads of department

To contact our Governors with any queries or to raise any concerns, please address to Joanne Ames – Clerk to the Governors.

t: 023 8029 4154

e: joanne.ames@bitterneparkschool.org.uk

All Governors DBS as a statutory requirement.

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Our Governors


  • Susan Trigger (Exec Head) HT
  • Graham Wilson (Headteacher) HT
  • Claire Doble (Chair) Co Opt - Parent
  • Kevin Turner Co Opt
  • Jacquie Kelly Co Opt
  • Elaine Soffe Co Opt - Staff
  • David Goodall Co Opt
  • David Beckett (Deputy Chair) LA
  • Steve Thurston Co Opt
  • Dr. Mat Proctor Co Opt
  • David Nicholson (Head TJS) HT
  • Nick Humphries TJS SG
  • Joanna Proctor PG
  • Claire Hooper PG
  • Barry Clark Co Opt
  • Matt Bishop Co Opt
  • Mike Robertson Co Opt - Staff
  • Carly Sweet Co Opt
  • Sonia Pomeroy Co Opt
  • Julia Chilcott Coombes Associate

Stepped Down

  • Sarah Moore 15th Sept 2016
  • Mike Donovan 10th July 2016
  • Ruth Smith 1st Nov 2017
  • Rev Miles Newton 13th Dec 2017