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Behaviour Policy



Bitterne Park School (the School) is a mainstream comprehensive School.  The Governing Body believes that high standards of pupil behaviour and good discipline support the aims of the School, safeguard the rights of pupils and are an essential pre-requisite for effective teaching and learning:

  • Each pupil has the right to learn in class at his or her best rate and to the highest standard of which he or she is capable.
  • Each pupil has the right to move around School without fear of physical danger, hurtful name calling, threats, bullying, racial abuse, sexual harassment, or interference with his or her property.
  • Each teacher has the responsibility to provide an effective teaching programme, appropriate to the needs of the students in each class, and accordingly, has the right to expect to co-operation of students and the support of parents and Governing Body in delivering that Curriculum.

Pupils will behave in a manner consistent with the expectations listed above.  Responsible behaviour reflects well on pupils, their parents and the School; and promotes a positive image both of individual pupils and the School to parents and other members of the community.

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