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Most Able, Gifted and Exceptional

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This area of the website is devoted to the development of our Most Able and Gifted (MAG), and Exceptional students’ activities within the school.  We work closely with National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) to ensure that we provide high quality provision to our MAG students. The MAG Co-ordinator for the school is Mr T Adams, Assistant Headteacher . Each department has a representative who monitors the progress of MAG and Exceptional students.

Throughout the school year we regularly review and update our registers. However, you may wish to nominate your child as having a particular gift or talent. In order to do this please complete a parental nomination form which can be downloaded from this site.


Students on the MAG Register are identified by Key Stage 2 SATS results and projected Attainment 8 results. Only 10% of students in each year group are identified as MAG students.  The MAG Register is fluid and regularly reviewed as students excel and flourish at different stages throughout their school life.


Students may be nominated for the Exceptional register if they demonstrate a particular talent or gift in a certain subject area or for exceptionally high attainment within a subject. Each Department has their own criteria to nominate students. Teacher/subject nominations are reported to parents after each IAG Report.

Students may also be nominated as Exceptional for excelling in a particular area outside of school e.g. in county sports or as a regional chess player. Other qualities such as leadership, decision making and critical/creative thinking are also taken into account when identifying Exceptional students.  It is possible to have more than one Exceptional nomination.

Should you have any further questions regarding the identification of our MAG or Exceptional students, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Adams.