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New school early closures.

Published on March 14, 2017

Please find below an extract from the school newsletter from last term highlighting two early closure days in preparation for our move to the new school.

If you have been anywhere near the school recently you will be amazed at the rapid development of our new school build.   Our new BPS is emerging and our thoughts and plans are already time consuming in relation to organising “the move”.   The actual date for the school to be open is still to be finalised.   We do however need to spend time now on labelling, clearing, and/or throwing away unwanted school items.   This is a huge operation involving all teaching and support staff.   We have therefore booked in two early closure afternoons to start on this task.   On Tuesday 21 March and Thursday 27 April school will shut at 12.25 p.m.   Year 11 students will be able to stay in school for their lessons as normal.   If this presents any difficulties please let us know.

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