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Leisure, Travel & Tourism

BPS Cabin Crew

WELCOME TO Leisure, Travel & Tourism

We aim to motivate learners by ‘ keeping doing at the centre of learning’ Our courses are vocationally related qualifications, where learners develop knowledge and understanding of the leisure and tourism industry by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context. Additionally, they are popular and effective because they engage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop skills that are essential for the modern-day workplace., and open doors to progression into further study and responsibility within the workplace.

Key stage 4

Unit 1: Core unit

The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

(Externally assessed in January during first year of course)

In this unit you will:

  • understand the UK travel and tourism sector and its importance to the UK economy
  • know about the industries, and key organisations, within the travel and tourism sector, their roles and interrelationships
  • understand the role of consumer technology in the travel and tourism sector

Unit 2: Core unit
UK Travel and Tourism Destinations
(Externally assessed in January during first year of course)

In this unit you will:

  • know UK travel and tourism destinations and gateways
  • investigate the appeal of UK tourism destinations for different types of visitors
  • plan UK holidays to meet the needs of different visitors

Unit 4: Mandatory Unit
International Travel and Tourism Destinations

(Internally assessed July during first year of course)

In this unit you will:

  • know the major international travel and tourism destinations and gateways
  • investigate the appeal of international travel and tourism destinations to different types of visitor
  • be able to plan international travel to meet the needs of visitors

Unit 6: Mandatory Unit

The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience

(Internally assessed in April during second year of course)

In this unit you will:

  • investigate travel and tourism customer service
  • explore the needs and expectations of different types of customer in the travel and tourism sector
  • understand the importance of customer service to travel and tourism organisations

Key Stage 5

Course: BTEC National Level 3 Travel & Tourism Diploma

This is a 2 year programme

Exam board: Pearson

Desired entry Requirements: GCSE English C grade or above and GCSE Maths C grade or above

Double Option (Diploma) Curriculum Content

Unit 1 :Investigating the Travel & Tourism Sector, First Year
Unit 2 : The Business of Travel & Tourism, First Year
Unit 3: UK Destinations, First Year
Unit 4: Customer Service, Second Year
Unit 5 : Marketing Travel & Tourism Products, First Year
Unit 6: Preparing for Employment, Second Year
Unit 9: Long Haul Destinations, Second Year
Unit 15 : Working as a Holiday Representative, Second Year
Unit 17 : Events Management (optional), First Year
Unit 21: Entertainment for Holiday Makers, First Year
Unit 22:Work Experience, Second Year
Unit 25 Working as a Children’s Representative, First Year

Extended Diploma programme of Study is decided on an individual basis

Explanation of how the course will be assessed in Year 12 and 13:

You will complete regular coursework assignments throughout the course. You will have on average two assessment assignments per unit. Some assignments will be required to be submitted in essay format; some assessments will be practical using role play, observations, witness statements and reflective evaluations of own performance. You will also be required to pass internal mock exam style questions that assess your progress in knowledge and understanding. This contributes to being able to continue with the course.

All assessments are graded in line with the exam board criteria of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

All units must reach pass or above level to achieve the full qualification.

Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Cabin Crew (QCF)

This qualification is designed for learners who would like to work as cabin crew, including the duties carried out by cabin crew in the crew room. Entry is at the discretion of the centre and learners must be aged 16 or above. It runs alongside the Travel & Tourism Diploma Course.

This qualification contains Six mandatory units:

  • Unit 01 Working as cabin Crew (2 credits)
  • Unit 02 Airline health, safety and security (6 credits)
  • Unit 03 Aircraft emergency situations (6 credits)
  • Unit 04 Dealing with passengers on board an aircraft (4 credits)
  • Unit 05 Cabin service – selling techniques (3 credits)
  • Unit 06 Making passenger announcements on board an aircraft (1 credit)

All units are assessed internally

Skills gained and enrichment opportunities/trips/visits:

These courses are designed to develop the work place skills required by employers. You are taught how to work effectively as a team, lead people, communicate effectively and solve problems. In addition to this you will develop specialised skills and knowledge of the Travel & Tourism sector which will help you prepare for employment within the industry.

There are several opportunities to visit different organisations within the sector as well as undertake work experience with specialists in the local area. We work in partnership with Southampton Airport and Carnival UK and run visits to Marwell , Paultons Park , Chilworth Manor, Rhinefield House ,  Alton Towers , Thorpe Park, Boat Show ,  Seacity Museum,  JARE Air Cabin Crew Centre & British Airways Training Centre.

There is also an opportunity to join our two week expedition to Morocco.

You will also be given the opportunity to participate in several community related tourism activities and develop your employability skills, further.

Progression/Career opportunities:

These courses are ideally structured to help prepare students with the skills and knowledge they will require to progress towards in the regular (full-time) Travel and Tourism sector. Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Holiday Representatives, Tour Guides, Air Cabin Crew, Tourism Management, Customer Service, Cruise Ship positions.

Alternatively students can continue their studies further at university and study

  • HND Travel & Tourism
  • Foundation Degree in Tourism
  • BA Cruise Management, Tourism or Events Management

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

We run an Expedition to Morocco in July

Rome trip biannually

Disneyland Paris

Residential trips organised by students


Mrs Chilcott-Coombes (Head of Leisure, Travel & Tourism / Head of Vocational Learning, Specialist Leader in Education)

Further information contact email:

023 8029 4168