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Students in a Maths lesson

welcome to maths



The Maths department offers a varied range of pathways through the subject. The focus is on ensuring that every student progresses, regardless of their starting point. Learning is active and fun, ensuring that students always see the relevance of Maths to the everyday world. Outcomes in Maths are excellent and this is due to the quality of teaching, planned curriculum progression and support that is in place.

Key stage 3

Throughout key stage 3, pupils will cover all aspects of the mathematics curriculum. This includes:

• Number

• Algebra

• Shape, Space and Measure

• Data Handling

• Using and Applying Mathematics

Pupils are set at the start of year 7 according to their mathematics Key Stage 2 result. This will also determine what their target grades for each year will be, including their target GCSE grade. There are opportunities for pupils to move sets throughout the year, depending on how much progress they make.

Pupils are assessed once a term to monitor their progress.

Pupils begin the transition to their GCSE mathematics course during year 9 to give them the best possible chance of achieving their target grades.

Key stage 4

All pupils now study a linear GCSE course, meaning they are assessed by3 exams at the end of year 11 (two calculator and one non-calculator). Pupils will study for either the Foundation paper (up to Grade 5) or the Higher paper (up to 9 grade), both of which are issued by the Edexcel exam board.

Pupils also have the opportunity to attend masterclasses before their exams, to make sure they are as prepared as they can possibly be. We also offer masterclasses during some school holidays, which many pupils take advantage of.

We ask that pupils make sure they come to mathematics lessons fully prepared and ready to learn, bringing a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, pair of compasses and calculator with them to each lesson.

Key Stage 5

Bitterne Park Sixth form allows pupils to continue their love of mathematics to AS and A Level, while taking advantage of smaller class sizes, ensuring they get as much support as possible.

  • In year 12, pupils study Core Mathematics 1 and 2, and Statistics 1.
  • In year 13, pupils study Core Mathematics 3 and 4, and either Mechanics 1 or Decision Maths 1.

All pupils follow the Edexcel AS and A Level mathematics course.

GCSE Statistics

We do allow for a selected group of students to study GCSE Statistics as one of their options in year 10. It is a 1 year course, assessed at the end of year 10, with both examination and coursework elements. Please feel free to talk to any of our Mathematics department if you would like to know more information about this course.


Miss K. Lord (Head of Maths and Coordinator of year 11)

Mr S. Cox (Coordinator of KS5)

Miss M. Filby (2nd In Maths and Coordinator of Year 7/8) )

Miss M. Gates (2nd In Maths and Coordinator of Year 9/10)

Mrs J. McLaren (Assistant Head teacher- Maths Teacher)

Mrs Z. Wilson (Assistant Progress leader for Year 7- Maths Teacher)

Mr A. Foster (Maths Teacher)

Mr I. Sandhu (Maths Teacher)

Mr N. Martin (Maths Teacher)

Mr A. Gordon (Maths Teacher)

Mrs J. Lewis (Maths Teacher)

Mr A. Nazaripour (Maths Teacher/Integrated Studies)

Miss A. Just (Maths Teacher)

Miss S. Hesketh (Maths Teacher)

Mr C. Llewellyn (Maths Teacher)

Miss J. Brookes (Maths Teacher)

Mrs L. Dunn (NQT)