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History is a fascinating and engaging subject, with mysteries and puzzles for students to investigate. Studying the past at Bitterne Park School is an exciting and challenging exploration of different people, events and changes. By identifying, evaluating and deploying evidence, students can gain insight into the diverse attitudes and characteristics that have existed all over the world at different times. This investigation process is crucial in their understanding of periods and societies, and this can inform attitudes, identity and judgements. Put simply, History is not just one thing after another!

All students learn History at Key Stage 3, learning skills and gaining understanding that feeds directly into the GCSE course. At Key Stage 4 History is a popular subject with strong results. From this secure base we have students every year choosing to successfully continue their journey by studying AS and A-level History at BP6, our Sixth Form College.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9 all students learn History for two lessons of 50 minutes per week. The Assessment Objectives in History are: AO1 knowledge and understanding of 1st order concepts, AO2 understanding second order concepts, AO3 evidence (sources from the time) and AO4 interpretations (modern views of the past).

Years 7, 8 and 9 topics are broadly chronological, with students investigating topics in depth, overview and across different time periods (development studies). Topics range from the Norman Conquest to the Cold War, via the Tudors, British Empire, Industrial Revolution and Crime and Punishment through time.

Homework tasks are planned alongside classroom learning, to ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve their potential in History.

Key Stage 4

Students learn History for four lessons of 50 minutes per week. Edexcel GCSE History 9-1. This course is linear and assessed over 3 exam papers in the summer term of Year 11.

Paper 1 – Crime & Punishment in Britain c1000-present, including Whitechapel c1870-1900: Crime, policing and the inner city.

Paper 2 – Anglo-Saxon and Norman England c1060-88 and The American West c1835-95.

Paper 3 – Germany 1918-39

Key Stage 5

A-Level History is a qualification very highly valued by universities and employers. We are proud to offer AS and A-Level History (AQA) at BP6. At Key Stage 5 History is a popular subject with outstanding results:

Component 1 – Tsarist and Communist Russia (1855-1917 AS / 1855-1964 A-level)

Component 2 – The Making of Modern Britain (1957-1979 AS / 1957-2007 A-level)

Component 3 – Coursework (topic of students’ choice must cover 100+ years, starting before 1807)

Facilities & Resources

Four teaching rooms, all with interactive whiteboards.

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

Year 10 day trip to London (Crime & Punishment)

Year 9 Trip to Imperial War Museum, London (subject to availability)

Year 7 day trip (destination to be confirmed)


Mr S Tibble (Head of History)

Miss S Bartlett (Assistant Head of History)

Miss N House (Teacher of History)

Mr O McArthur (Teacher of History)

Mr C Sykes (Deputy Head Teacher)

Miss R West (Teacher of History)