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The Sound Of Music



We believe that Drama is at once an appreciation of global art forms that have gone back many thousands of years. At the same time it is the perfect vehicle to develop personal confidence, independence and appreciation skills. We are dedicated to excellent teaching, promoting learners who are independent, inquisitive and artistic risk takers: we seek to unleash the unexpected in young people. Effective communication in the 21st century is at the core of academic and work success. We instill skills of leadership, compromise and persuasion as we promote articulate and balanced young people, able to appreciate the merits of other people’s work. We value good performance, be it entertaining or moving. But equally we value those who construct thoughtful pieces of drama; or those or express their ideas about what they have seen.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 introduces students to the concept of social and performer status before examining the skills necessary to construct thoughtful and believable characters. We explore the art forms of Commedia dell’ Arte, Pantomime and introduce physical theatre.

Year 8 builds on the foundation laid in year 7. Students once again explore characterisation as well as being introduced to symbolism and use of lights and sound to enhance performance.

Lessons in Year 9 are taught on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to explore themes and issues that are relevant to today’s society, as well as having the opportunity to explore traditional and contemporary texts that will stretch and challenge the minds and performance skills of our students. Some of the areas that we study are: Bouncers, Comic Masks, stage fighting and melodrama.

Key Stage 4

We offer two examination routes at KS 4: GCSE and BTEC.

Drama GCSE

This is a practical subject that explores many aspects of drama. It contains written coursework and is assessed as follows:

Unit 1 – 30% of the GCSE – Study of a Theme/Issue

Unit 2 – 30% of the GCSE – Study of a play

Unit 3 – 40% of the GCSE – Performance (as a performer or technician)

Drama BTEC

This is a practical subject that contains some written work. It seeks to show young people what it is like working in the performing arts industry. It is assessed as follows:

Unit 1 – 25 % of the BTEC – Individual Showcase

Unit 2 – 25 % of the BTEC – Preparation, Performance and Preparation

Unit 3 – (50% of the BTEC) – Acting Skills

In addition to these courses drama also makes significant contributions to the GCSE Performing Arts Course (studied along with music).

STOP PRESS – July 2013 – Pearsons have just announced approval of the Extended Certificate and Diploma courses. We will be looking carefully at these newly approved specifications to see if they offer qualifications appropriate for our young learners.

Key Stage 5

The courses that we offer are:

Drama and Theatre Studies (Edexcel/Pearsons)

Production Arts – Level 3 BTEC (Edexcel//Pearsons) Facilities and resources.

In addition to these courses drama also makes significant contributions to the Level 3 Performing Arts Course (studied along with music and dance).

Trips and Extra-curricular

The drama department passionately believes in making live performance available for young people, be it Shakespeare, musicals or more contemporary pieces performed by companies such as Propeller or Frantic Assembly. We visit local, regional and London theatres. The trips that we are running in the Autumn Term will be posted in early September.

We also seek to buy in live performance for whole year groups.


Miss A Roberts (Acting Head of Drama)

Mrs J Cutting (Maternity leave)

Mr N Phillips (Head of Department)

Miss M Johns (Schools Direct Trainee)