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Product Design

Radio made in Product Design

WELCOME TO Product Design

Y11 Product Design Assignment Deadlines.

Product Design involves the complete designing and development of a new and innovative product from the initial idea, through to the manufacturing, packing, and marketing of the product on the shop floor.

Product Design covers designing a vast range of products from buildings to transport, Kitchen goods to MP3 players, Toys to disabled support aids… any object that has a customer wanting to use it.

Key Stage 4

AQA Specification consists of:

Unit 1: Written Paper (45551) 40% of total marks2 hours

Unit 2: Design and Making Practice (45552) 60% of total marks approximately 45 hours

In this course students take the idea from their head, develop the idea, make test models and prototypes to see what the idea looks like, develop the idea so it can be made in industry, create solutions for packing the product, and produce marketing strategies and materials enabling the product to reach your customer successfully. This will involve students using both practical hand skills to computer technology such as computer modelling and designing, and the computer operated Laser Cutter.

Key Stage 5

Edexcel Specification consists of:

Unit 1 Portfolio of Creative Skills (RMT)

Unit 2 Design and Technology in Practice (RMT)

Unit 3 Designing for the Future (RMT)

Unit 4 Commercial Design (RMT)

These courses are assessed through the completion of a design and practical based project, where students design and make their own product through the design process to making a prototype to creating a sales pitch for the product, and an end of unit exam.


Students have access to 2 well-equipped workshops giving them access to a range of hand tools and machines such as pillar drills, lathes, and brazing hearths.

New Laser Cutter and CAD CAM facilities along with sublimation printing.


RM, Product Design and Construction all offer a vast range of trips and extra curricular activities. In Construction students gain the opportunity to visit building sites, such as the new development in Woolston and the Admiral’s Quay development in Ocean Village, alongside of having a range of guest speakers and experts from the construction trade present exciting talks and workshops on their subjects.

Students have a range of competitions and clubs to take part in, From KS3 Design and Technology Club, to competition clubs such as the WeCan Stem challenges, Aqua Innovation challenges (run by Southern Water) and a club where students design and make a solar powered racing car.


Mr Tucker (Head of Faculty)