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Food and Nutrition



Food and Nutrition is taught at Bitterne Park School at both key stage 3 and 4. It is seen as a vital life skill for all young people to develop confidence in doing, thus enabling a healthier and richer person in adulthood. Food is also an important part of our lives. Not just the food we cook and eat but also the many cooking shows that appear on our television screens. We embrace this at Bitterne Park School and encourage the students to immerse themselves in this cooking culture currently abundant in this country. At Bitterne Park School, students enjoy cooking, tasking, inventing and creating a variety of dishes and they are encouraged to take them home to show.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students work in rotations and will attend a program of work in Food and Nutrition for approximately 12 weeks. Students discover all aspects of cooking and nutrition, the science behind the food that we eat. Our intention is to give the students a wide and varied education whilst also giving them some essential life skills and teaching them all about nutrition and the food that they eat. We currently have;

  • Year 7 Basic Skills
  • Year 8 Developing Skills
  • Year 9 Preparation for GCSE

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students are currently studying Food Preparation and Nutrition at GCSE, currently 50% of the course is coursework and the other 50% is exam. It is here that the students really get the opportunity to test their skill level and start putting into practice all the skills taught to them in KS3. The new course is designed to teach the students all about nutrition and how to eat healthily. Students are expected to bring in their own ingredients every practical to enforce the sense professionalism we expect at Bitterne Park School.

Entry Level Food

Entry Level Food is a unit based course where students work on creating an assessment portfolio that examines basic food preparation, cooking at home and independence. We currently offer the Jamie’s Home Cooking skills at BTEC, a specification written with the aid of Jamie Oliver.


We have 2 rooms dedicated to Food preparation and cooking.


Clubs and workshops offered at Key Stage 4 are catch up theory and practical work on Tuesdays after school, 3-4pm.


Mrs Marshall (Subject Leader)