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Design Faculty

Design Exhibition

welcome to The Design Faculty


We are a Faculty of dedicated professionals who have a passion for teaching and learning in this curriculum area. We strive for excellence and encourage challenge and innovation both as teachers and in the attitudes and skills of our learners. Design is a hugely important field of expression and communication and as professionals we understand the importance our field in education plays in the lives of learners and their futures as citizens.

We aim to provide an exciting, high quality curriculum that supports and prepares our students through KS3 into KS4 and then further as KS5 students at our sixth form with a great opportunity to explore this innovative and exciting area of expertise. Our aim is to provides life long learners with the skills, qualifications, attitude and direction necessary to move forward to the next stage of their lives.

As a Design Faculty students attend Fine Art, Textiles, Product Design, Graphic Communication, Food & Nutrition and Photography classes.

Key stage 3 Design Technology

In KS3 Design Technology students work through a rotation system throughout Y7 & 8 were we aim to equip students with a broad and secure range of skills and knowledge to help them be aware of new and old technologies, smart and traditional materials in order to actively partake in modern life

Year 9 students choose their option subjects and follow either Product Design, Food & Nutrition or Textiles in double lessons throughout the year.

Key stage 3 Art

In KS3 Art students are taught in double and single lessons that inspire creative ideas through exploration of, materials, techniques, the history of art, artists, designers and cultures and use these to express their own view on the world around them.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we offer a range of subject’s areas to study in with, Fine Art, Textiles, Photography, Food & Nutrition and Product Design. Within these choices we present a safe and secure learning environment that is both comfortable and stimulating for our learners to be able to take risks, challenge stereotypes and achieve success in.

Key Stage 5

At KS5 students can use all their excellent skills and knowledge gained at GCSE and move into ‘A’ Level subject areas. Subjects currently being taught are Fine Art, Textiles, Photography and Graphic Communication. At this level we aim to support students into future careers and interests and give them the skills needed to succeed and flourish

We aim to constantly improve the challenges we set, making them relevant, progressive and meet the needs of all our learners, establishing a norm for quality, excitement and achievement. For this we use a variety of teaching and learning methods to create an inclusive environment where students are guided and supported in their learning and have the opportunity to be independent, self motivated and proactive in their progress towards their maximum attainment and achievement in levels, grades and pride.

Students are expected to meet deadlines for homework and HLTs with action plans, clubs, workshops’, study visits and one to one sessions to support this. Although students are expected to have access to basic materials both wet and dry for use at home, we offer access to materials during break, lunch time and after school and may loan equipment out to students. Students should use the school library and other places to gather research materials, such as museums and galleries and when possible attend Art Department study visits as a part of any project work


Mr Tucker (Head of Faculty)

Mr Vardy (Subject Leader for Art and Graphic Communications)

Mrs Earnshaw (Subject Leader for Textiles)

Mr Tucker (Subject Leader for Photography)

Mrs Marshall (Subject Leader for Food & Nutrition)

Ms Harrison (Subject Leader for Product Design)

Ms Bajnath (Art & DT Teacher)

Miss Vaughan (Art & DT Teacher)

Miss Gallant (Photography & Art Teacher)

Miss Staszkiewicz (Textiles & DT Teacher)

Miss McClure (Art & Textiles Teacher)

Mrs Lawrence (Design Technician)

Mr Watson (Design Technician)